Sample projects

We can develop any commercial, blog, advertising or personal site. For further information kindly Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Web sites can be static, interactive. Use databases to store content or data. Can have admin panel to edit content "Content Management Systems" etc

Web sites can be created as a responsive or Non Responsive Site.

Content Management System was developed to display products for sale of the company

This web site (content management system) was devloped for the company to display services and certain products for sale.

Includes a registration / login form for certain clients that require or wish to view portable documents ie: spec sheets of products and content make up in pdf format..

Site or web administrator of the company has access to admin panel to add edit delete content, documents and images. Back up database etc.. Web site also includes image slider to display various images on the opening page. Slider images can be edited.

Web site has been developed to be interactive and resizable for any device viewed on.

Web site developed to display products and services for sale of the company

Web Site developed as a resizable web presence advertising products and services of the company.

Content of this web site can not be edited by the site or web administrator. Excludes admin panel.

Web site includes image slider to display various images on the opening page. Can not be edited.

Web site also include Parralax effect

Content Management System - Vehicle Sales

This web site is resizable to various size devices and contains an admin panel where site administrator can add edited delete products(vehicles) content etc

Web site is interactive, users can browse or search for various vehicles on sale. Enquire about vehicles via a form or use the email facilty.

Users can have their vehicles added to the web site for sale etc

Content Management - Dating Sites to attract people for purpose of dating

These style of web sites can be developed as resizable or non resizable depending on clients requirements. Usually resizable for better viewing and interaction directly from cell phone or tablet.

Web site offers certain interactivity including viewing photos info and also uploading personal data, photos video etc. Offers search features for finding specific related data ie: people with properties as required.

Registration and login forms for accessability. Access to certain pages depending on payment / free structure of the web site. Database containing all individuals details etc.

Includes admin panel for viewing, adding, editing and deleting content, reports, fees, activations, reminders etc

Content Management - Online Store (Lingerie)

Standard online store, developed in pure HTML5, php, mysqli, css and Java.

Site hand coded from bottom up, no templates were used ie: wordpress / online shopping cart templates etc.

This site is fully functional, includes store and an admin panel. Set web site look and feel, view clients, orders, payments and payments pending.

Add, edit and delete various content. Save current or update database to previous state.

Content Management - Online Store (Jewelery)

A resizable or responsive web site. Includes databae with online shopping faciluities and admin panel to edit add and delete data.

Examples of web sites that resize according to devices