In the early days when web sites became a thing in South Africa. Every business wanted or needed to have some sort of a presence on the world wide web to advertise either their wares or their services.

Some companies employed professionals and some people had their children drag and drop some pretty images on a page. Attach a few sentences of what was on offer and that was that!

Leading up to 2017, things have changed dramatically. No longer are a few images with a little bit of text acceptable.

The development process has changed some what!

To have a functional stunnng web site, one uses many programming languages to achieve this goal. Java. HTML5, CSS, PHP, Applets, Scripting, Databases and more.

To complicate things further, sites can be developed to be responsive or non responsive, static or interactive. Depending on the requirements, one could have a mere web presence or an interactive content management system. The more involved or complicated, the higher the cost. A decent web site takes time to design, develop, proof, test and implement all of which tally's up the production hours.

With some smaller development teams offering basic web sites cheaply. Ranging from 1-4 Pager Custom HTML R4 080 ex vat....

To larger teams that develop decent content managment systems / database driven interactive sites at a much higher cost. Ranging from R13500.00 up to R27000.00.

We at PCTech Support have taken a different approach.

We offer top of the range basic web sites all the way through to involved content managment systems comprising of databases for storage of content, at a very low development cost as a first offer

or as a second offer with NO COST for development but a small rental fee of the web content. See below for more info...

We develop web sites for our clients at no charge.

How can we do this, it's simple.

We bare the costs of the design and development of the web sites, and the web sites remain the property of PCTech Support.

We install the web site on our servers, maintain the web site all at our own cost.

For a monthly nominal cost ranging from R500 - R700 per month depending on the requirements. We host the web site on a month to month basis without any lengthy contracts. (30 days notice of termination.)

Our websites user front end can be completly responsive

Client is responsible for cost of initial domain name registration or transfer (R100.00 once off.) Monthly rental of web site includes cost to internet service provider for hosting of web pages including database hosting.

Should the client desire any MAJOR changes to the content/ design of the web site, quotation will be provided as per required changes. General maintenance and minor changes are free.

With this offer NO deposit is required, site will be developed to basic completion. Once site has been uploaded to our server, running monthly costs will activate with 1 month rental payable and initial domain name registration cost payable immediately. Should the client payment run in arrears, site will be disabled until all outstanding fees have been paid up in full.

We also sell our web sites after development. Basic cost of between R3000.00 for a basic static upto R10 000.00 once off for a fully interactive. database driven(Content Managment System), cost dependent on requirements.

All extra costs for hosting, registering domain name, listing on search engines etc will be borne by yourself as the owner of the site.

With this option you will be responsible for maintenance, changes etc after hand off and full payment being recieved by

Own your website out right but host with us on our servers. Cost for hosting: R250.00 and Domain registration and renewable once yearly R100.00

Should you require a maintenance contract, changes etc, we will negotiate this according to your requirements.

With this offer a 50% deposit is required before any work will commence, non refundable on cancellation.